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Super Stock!!!!!

OK while I don’t feel that we make many changes to a class once a season starts the following change to what we call Limited Late Model I feel is a good direction for the class to take and brought up by racers in the class with full support from those currently running the class. It also puts the class more in line with what other tracks are doing around the county. We would like to see all racers into the Super Stock Body’s by the Holiday 100 at the end of the year/start of 2014. If a racer has any issues with making the change please talk with me!!!!!!

Changes as follows on the body’s only:

-Only body’s allowed in Super Stock are the following McAllister Racing body’s
B125 Buick Regel SS
B134 Barracuda
B136 Boss Mustang
B264 Camaro
B268 Monte Carlo
B290 Dodge Charger
B292 59 Plymouth
General Body rules:
-Cannot remove or cut any of the widows.
-Trimming of the body for wheel clearance is allowed
-On the front and rear you may cut up to the bottom of the bumpers but not past the bumper or you can leave any addition material you would like as long as it does not hit the track. Putting extra holes in the front or rear is not allowed.
-Rear spoiler is allowed and restricted to the following dimensions. Max width 8”, Max height measured front deck 1” cord measurement including any wicker bills, NO end caps or bends allowed.

Rent a Ride

Don’t have a RC car to race yet?   What to try it before you buy it?  Tea’s now offers a Rent a Ride truck for both the off road and oval.  Truck can also be rented for a practice as well.  Complete details can be found here

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