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Spring time is here

So I’ve had a few people ask whats new for next season already or that the word was this or that about such and such. At this point like last year nothing has changed or been updated.

As most of you know some time in Aug I actually start thinking about the goals I want to meet for the business for the winter season. It’s during that time things are tweaked, schedule is set and modifications to any rules that need to be addressed. I try to have that posted and updated by early Sept well before the start of the season and just before the Sprint Car Clash in Late Aug.

A couple things that I know are in the works for changes are:

-The Lipo battery rule will be an updated to accommodate current trends in RC and be based on the ROAR approved list rather then how it is curently worded.
- All the Sprint Car classes are getting fresh names for next year, kind of like what was done for the KOW series. 410, 360 and 305 will be the tags for the three Sprint Car Classes.
- 305 Sprint class will be formed and added to the line up. It will be much like or identical to the structure used at several other tracks around the Mid West and will be run on BSR Spec tires. More info on that specific class will be later this summer.
- KOW series will once again be a focal point of the schedule next season. It was and assume will be a highly attended series with some awards that are worth racing for!

Summer track time? Well I’ve had that brought up a couple times as well be a few people and working on a few dates to have the track open on a week day for an afternoon/early evening practice day. Personally I have activities pretty much 4 days a week and try to get out of town on the weekend or have a car show to be at so weekends are a no go. Once I get a few week day dates set I will post them and if you can make it great if not no big deal.

Hope everyone is having a good start to their summer activities, I know we are sure enjoying the change to nice weather.

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