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Last race of the 2017-2018 season

April 7th. One more fun race to wrap up the season of 2017-2018.

Track opens at 10am and plan on racing by 12 noon. We will run a some what normal program and run some fun races following the mains. Going to try and not make this a long day but full of fun.

For those that have attend our events over the season entry’s will be on the TNT structure. Your first entry will get you racing and dinner mid afternoon plus cookies will be around for desert.

For the fun races I have a couple ideas below that can be run after the mains are complete. Please post what you would like to race or see ran. Exact details will get worked out in a post next week.

A. Mabe’s Pizza Half Baked 100
B. Super Stock Backwards 50
C. Wheel Change race
D. Mountain Dew Extreme Extravaganza race
E. Corn Dog Dinner King of the Hill
F. All of the above

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